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Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Reviews


I wish to pass on my salutations and congratulations to all the team at Yog Dham yoga teacher training center in Rishikesh for a well structured and well executed 200-hour course. For those looking for an authentic Hatha yoga course which is facilitated by exacting but patient practitioners, this is the course of choice. The instructors were all highly knowledgeable and always willing to pass on this knowledge to their students. The course nourishes both mentally and physically, expanding into all aspects of Patanjali’s yoga sutras. Pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, and asanas are all skilfully taught so that both experienced and novices, like my wife and I can gain insight into the deeper meanings of yoga. The course is experiential, allowing you to live and breath yoga for 28 days, with the opportunity to develop your own personal practice and become a safe and effective yoga instructor. As a physiotherapist, I have seen the many benefits to be had from yoga and this course will help to facilitate your ability to pass on this valuable knowledge. From research and conversations had whilst in Rishikesh, I personally feel that this course is the most balanced and structured available and we can not recommend the team at Yog Dham enough. Yours in Yoga, Patrick and Lisa Janes.


IT’S TRUE WHAT THEY SAY ~ A YOGIC WAY OF LIVING TRANSFORMS ONE’S LIFE FOR THE BETTER. As a complete novice (with only a month’s prior experience with Hatha Yoga), I can attest to this. And from the aforementioned stand-point, I pen my review. The initial hurdle was challenging – But I might add here, the struggles of persevering through are worth it. In all respects, this pain is sweet. As you twist your body through a myriad of poses, your mind morphs into a machine – driven by determination, discipline & an awareness of your own limitations. You listen; you watch; you learn and re-learn. The ethos is simple: With proper technique, one prevents injury. Teachers are always there to make sure you’re safe. Never be afraid that you’re not good enough, or that you don’t have the capacity to succeed in performing certain Asanas/sequence of movements. Let it go, give it time to digest, and inch your way forward because YOU WILL PROGRESS.  The course is there to equip you with these skills. *** There is an element of self-practice involved. Do what you need to do (embrace all teachings in your own way) just don’t give up. *** The atmosphere is serene; the diet, clean and organic The philosophy – a blessing in insight, Daily breath is a gift of clarity… (through which) … Meditation comes naturally. In addition to this, ~ Anatomy heightens your understanding of form + function as morning & evening classes build strength whilst sharpening alignment. Overall, I’ve had the best experience! There is a peace that envelops my mind, body & soul – like a warm blanket on a cold night. >> This evolution {from former work-stress to a state of tranquillity} makes one utterly renewed and happy  Thank you all at Rishikesh Yog Dham ~ Arvind Sharma ji, Yashpal ji, Dr. Gaurav ji, Ajay ji, et al. What you’ve imbued in me is priceless. I leave without regret; only the verve and conviction of continuing on this new-found journey all the days of my life. NB: To anyone ambivalent about taking the leap, I say: Jump! 😀


After days of looking for the right school, I found the perfect match! This is the place, where you find a passionate teacher, who really love their jobs. And they try to pass this passion to you. Beginners and Intermediates, both alike, learn a lot of new aspects of yoga. Not only in asanas but in philosophy, anatomy, pranayama, mantra chanting and cleansing as well. In four weeks you get a profound foundation from where you can improve yourself even after the training. I´ve just wanted to do a four-weeks-yoga-experience, but after those four weeks, I´m confident to hold classes on my own. Besides the Yoga teacher training, I met amazing people, who had their unique stories. I really enjoyed their lovely company and I miss our after-dinner-chats on the balcony. 😉 The rooms are spacious and clean, with your own bathroom. You can definitely live there for four weeks without anything missing. Back home I´m not only missing Yoga, but also the healthy and delicious food, which was prepared glutenfree especially for me. Thank you so much, I had an awesome time and I would like to come again, maybe for the 300 hrs YTT. If you struggle with finding the right school, please feel free to contact me, I´ll be happy to answer your questions. Just send an email to


I felt like at home. The team of Yog Dham created the atmosphere of coziness, care. Good rooms, everything clean. And the food is something special. Everybody wanted to take the Chef home :). The intensive learning process was supported by the amazing environment. Thank you to all Yog Dham team.


The team at Yogdham is well balanced and highly knowledgeable in their fields. On completion, I have a strong sense of confidence in not only practice yoga but the concept of a yoga life, this is irreplaceable and I could not have asked for a better place to take this certification. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to expand their mind on yoga life and knowledge to teach. Thank you Yogdham!


It’s really hard to choose a school for the Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – there are so many. I was completely lost times, but somehow I made the right decision. Rishikesh Yog Dham was the best school I could imagine! It’s not just that they offer really good Hatha Yoga classes. We learned everything about the Asanas and how to create a good Yoga sequence. Besides we also learned a lot about the Yoga philosophy and anatomy – things you definitely need as a good teacher. Rishikesh Yog Dham always creates just very small groups, so you get individual help and advice. I had a really good time there, they cared about us so much. Yog Dham is such a pleasant place that I didn’t want to leave. And not just because of the delicious and healthy food. The most special thing about Rishikesh Yog Dham are the people – you will love all of them! Whatever hard times you are going through at the moment, they are always there to help you and to make you smile. I already miss them so much and hope to come back soon. Thank you all for the great time and everything I was able to learn there.


I had an amazing time at Yog Dham, the staff are very knowledgeable and experienced so you will be in good hands. One of the best decisions I ever made to impulsively book my learning there, don’t hesitate – do it now! You will never regret it.


TTC 200h course in Rishikesh Yog Dham is definitely one of the life amazing experience. I feel deeply grateful for all the knowledge the teachers shared with us. It was very professional and beneficial. I loved all the programme, morning chanting, cleansing procedures, yoga classes, philosophy, meditation, anatomy. The rooms are very clean, with perfect views – one balcony for the sunrise, the other for the sunset. The meals are absolutely delicious – contributing to a lot of this intensive programme. I came home more aware of my strengths and weaknesses, of my body and soul, I feel lighter and closer to my inner self. The only thing I´d prefer would be to have more rest after cleansing activities like shankaprakshalana. Otherwise, please, keep going, you are doing a great job! Thanks to all Yog Dham team! I loved it all!


I can only say positive things about Rishikesh Yog Dham. Classes are up to 15 people. This is perfect to get individual focus on learnings throughout the course. Arvind (who was accredited at Yog Peeth) is an inspiring teacher. He is so passionate about yoga, it shows through his willingness to teach & there’s no judgment. The course is suited for any level of experience. The schedule of this course is perfect – yoga in the morning & afternoon. Food was fantastic! It was a challenge doing yoga teacher training. It tests you physically & emotionally. But the reward at the end is incredible. There are a lot of places to choose from in Rishikesh. Yogdham stood out to me with its location being out of town (only a 15 min walk), this is great during savasana as there’s minimal noise & traffic heard outside! If you have any questions, please just email to ask –


I am so happy to choose this school! I had mixed feelings before coming here because I found the school on the internet, I wasn’t sure whether I’m good enough and I just didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be the best decision ever! Rishikesh Yog Dam is a great school with amazing people. I’m really bad at writing reviews but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to e-mail me. The people running the school are wonderful and made the course an unforgettable experience! I’ve learned so much about myself, grew as a person, made wonderful friends and became much more confident! It’s priceless! The teachers took the time and explained the advanced asanas like I’ve never heard before. I’ve done my first headstand in my life during the first class (there has been a countless amount of attempts before). Words can’t describe what an amazing journey it was. No wonder people keep coming back. I surely will!


It was serendipity that I arrived at Rishikesh Yog Dham. I am currently traveling solo from Singapore to Europe on my Vespa scooter. Seeing that Rishikesh was along my route and that it is the “World Capital of Yoga”, I might as well do my Yoga Teacher Training there. After riding through Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Northeast India, Nepal and into India again, I arrived in Rishikesh. It was a good long respite from the past two months of traveling, packing and unpacking my luggage almost every day. Here, I have a decent room and toilet to myself so I could give my gears a good washing. Food was delicious. My class is like a mini United Nations, comprising of students from many different countries. There were 11 of us, so our teachers, Arvind, Yashpal were able to give attention to everyone during our asana classes. For the first time, with assistance and guidance from Yashpal, I was able to put my leg behind my head – a goal that I set when I started yoga one and half years ago. I was also very blessed to be spending my birthday there with the company of wonderful classmates and teachers. They had a birthday surprise with cakes (a nice treat after eating “clean” for two weeks), balloon and my favorite paneer dish after evening asana class. We also had candlelight dinner for our classmates’ one year dating anniversary. The staff here really makes an effort to make the students feel home away from home. With twice a day asana practice, I could feel myself getting stronger. Philosophy class has been really thought to provoke and questions many of my long-held perspectives. I learned that yoga is much more than just fanciful poses. It is a practice and lifestyle to better one’s life not just physically but also mentally and spiritually.All the students were given opportunities to teach yoga to the entire class towards the end of the course. Feedbacks were given so we can improve ourselves. This is really important in preparing us to deliver a good yoga class. I would recommend my friends to come here for their YTT if they are contemplating on doing one. If you have any questions regarding the 200hr YTT, please feel free to message me on my facebook page. There are photos of my YTT there and beautiful Rishikesh as well.


A month ago when I arrived here I was not very sure of what to expect from a yoga teacher training course. All I knew, that it will change me and so it has in more ways that I can speak of here. “Yoga chit vratti nirodha” as great Patanjali said. I have broken existing patterns and all my wonderful gurus Arvind, Fatima, Yashpal and Dr. Agarwal have helped me through this spiritual journey. This has been a life-changing experience. Thank you for everything I will miss your guidance and of course the food prepared with so much love by our wonderful chef Naveen.  Feel free to get in touch with me at


Llegue por primera vez a la dia hace un mes. Estaba asustada y no sabia muy bien que encntraria aqui. Ahora un mes despues, puedo asegurar que ha sido la mejor decision que he tomado nunca. El curso esta perfectamente disenyado y no le falta de nada. Los profesores son magnficos y la comida…increible!!!! He apredido muchisimo, he mejorado mis asanas, me han ensenyado a ensenyar, y he aprendido de la vida. He tenido la suerte de coincidir con otros 10 yogis fabulosos y juntos hemos creado una familia en Rishikesh. No tengo palabras para agradecer lo mucho que ha hecho esta escuela por mi. La recomiendo totamente. It has been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot. Thank you very much, Rishikesh Yog Dham.  If you need more information, please feel free to contact me: Namaste


I was nervous about coming all the way from the United States to India for a month to do a yoga teacher training program. I wasn’t sure if I would like the experience, what the other students would be like, if I’d be “yogi” enough, etc. But as soon as I arrived for the opening ceremony I began to feel right at home. As I looked around the room at the teachers, and what would become my family for 28 days, I began to think: “Maybe this was a good idea.” The course itself was challenging: physically, intellectually and emotionally. Many of the asanas were unfamiliar and sometimes difficult, and yoga twice a day can be tiring! And doing so much yoga and eating and living in such a healthy way released emotions (in a good way). But I was amazed by how my body adjusted and became stronger more flexible and better able to push through mental blocks. Intellectually, I was stimulated by the excellent philosophy course, which focused in depth on yogic philosophy as it relates to real life. Although I came with a fair amount of knowledge about yogic philosophy, I learned so much more. Most importantly, my perspective towards myself, others, spirituality, and life shifted tremendously. I learned that yoga is really about doing one’s best in yoga and everything I do, as well as how to lead a balanced yogic lifestyle. I became tougher, but softer and gentler, too. I became more accepting of myself and others and rediscovered positive aspects of myself I had forgotten. Truly, this course was a life-changing experience. And I know from the many friends I made during the course that I am not alone in feeling this way. This is not just a plain old yoga teacher training course. This is a welcoming, kind, and talented group of teachers that can (if you want it and work for it) guide and support you to deepen your personal practice and provide excellent preparation for you to teach others. The instructors ALL give LOTS of personal attention and feedback. Arvind, the director, and main yoga teacher was incredible. A kind, a skillful teacher, and someone who naturally commands respect without asking for it. The anatomy class was useful and helped us to better understand how to protect our future students from injuries and what to focus on in various asanas. The accommodations were nice and the food was varied, healthy vegetarian and delicious every single day! I’d be happy to answer any questions for anyone considering this AMAZING yoga teacher training program. I feel blessed to have been a part of it.


I chose Rishikesh Yog Dham after a thorough internet research and it was a good choice. I can recommend this training to everyone who prefers small groups, with the opportunity to have more time and focus on individual needs and requests. During the 4 weeks, we had a family atmosphere both with my classmates, teachers, and staff, the room and the facility were excellent, not to mention the amazing food. Each student had enough opportunity to prepare and conduct demo classes based on clear instructions, guide a meditation, and demonstrate the knowledge gained both in philosophy and anatomy. Overall, I left with a heavy heart but well prepared to run yoga classes with confidence, enhanced my theoretical knowledge and skills and made new friends. Thank you and Namaste.


Yog Dham….what can I say??? I miss everything from it!!! I just loved every single part of my experience!
I did my 200 hours Teacher Training in February 2015, after almost 6 months of reflection, internet research, hesitation, fear… If you are reading this review and thinking about doing a teacher training in India, I would say, JUST DO IT….Stop hesitating, follow your heart and go. Yog Dham is really a great school. The food is delicious, the rooms are comfortable and clean. You have a private room with your own bathroom, a nice balcony facing a rice field where you have sun all afternoon. Teachers are professionals and kind. The yoga hall is beautiful, big clean and located on the rooftop. Groups are small so you have a lot of opportunities to ask questions and you get a very personalized training. The training is very complete. You will be guided through a thorough program, slowly but surely. You will push your limits and without noticing, you will be teaching a 1h15 minutes yoga class. It will be will be hard, yes, it won’t be always easy, but you will learn so much, laugh so much and come back the head full of memories and the heart full of happiness. If you have any question about my experience in India and the teacher training in Yog Dham, please feel free to write me, it will be my pleasure to share more with you. Thank you Arvind, Satver, Ram Ji, Sarvottam, and Naveen, you guys really made this teacher training an unforgettable experience. Namaste


I am very happy I decided to do the training. It had been almost two years since I had practiced this intensely. Prior I had complete a YTT 200 and teaching but then was hit by a truck and couldn’t practice for a while due to injuries. This was a great program to get back in touch with my own personal practice which had been neglected and regained confidence as a teacher. If you don’t like cold weather I strongly encourage coming during the warmer months.


Taking the opportunity to apply for the course at Yog Dham was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life. Great opportunity to discover more about the sacred practice of yoga, myself and amazing India at the same time. My sincere thanks to my teachers – Ram Ji, Satvar and Kapil that taught me to be humble and fearless. The routine of the course gave me the chance to take the deep look inside of me and realize what I actually want to do in future. And yes, I’ve made the headstand! And from me, there are a big special thanks to chef Naveel who made soooo many-many tasty things for us, that I’m really going to miss his cuisine and big sincere smile at home. All the team is very helpful and extra nice, so I’m really hoping to have a chance to practice together one more time. Thanks and Namaste!


I can highly recommend this school! Just book it, don’t think too much! I finished my YTT a couple of weeks ago and this is one of the best decisions I made so far in my life. I’ve had yoga in my heart for many years and wanted to do a TTC but never really seemed to find “the right school” and get it done until now! And Rishikesh Yog Dham met all of my expectations and even more, and ended up being just the right school  Allthough I tried not to have any expectations, this school really proved to be a great one. The teachers are very good and they build your body and mind up in a very smooth way. They see you and your ability and pushes you forward in a very nice way, past what you thought was your limit. They really show you that you can  You will leave this place with raised awareness, feeling gathered, centered, open, strong and ready. You will get to learn authentic, real yoga, and this will forever be with you  The view from the yoga hall is AMAZING, Rishikesh is such a beautiful and powerful place, the rooms are big and clean, the staff is super kind, every meal is the best meal and the school is located in a quiet area, not a lot of distraction although its walking distance to everything. There’s a very good vibe over this school, I felt at home immediately and that says a lot. I’ll come back to Yog Dham and develop the yoga even more. Yog Dham has my very best wishes! Lots of love & thank you so much for everything! Maya L. Echeverria


I recommend really this school. It was a very good experience. It was pleasant to learn with a small group. The program was varied and the teacher tries to give a lot of information in a short time. The staff was very kind and helpful. The food delicious. Everyone works at their rhythm and according to their .possibility.


Short answer: DO IT. This is a high-quality program. The teaching, the location, the structure of what you’re learning – it’s all excellent. You’ll leave here with the skills and confidence to teach yoga – and you’ll improve your personal practice! The longer answer is that I was very impressed by how much relevant material was covered during such a short time period. The teachers are kind and patient but they know just how to push you beyond what you thought your limit was. The program builds up your strength, flexibility, and endurance while teaching you about proper diet, cleansing, breathing, meditation, chanting, teaching and more. It’s a very well structured program with periods of rest and excellent meals provided. I learned experientially that yoga is not about poses but instead of living with joy. In addition, I made fantastic friends through this program – it draws great people from all over the world – and the team here is very caring and accommodating. The group size is small and so each class is highly intimate and meaningful. I absolutely plan to return someday and I recommend Yog Dham very highly.


Thank you, Fatima, for your great feedback! I also try to know more about Yog Dham and want to go there. I would be glad to get acquainted with you and to ask you some questions about this school if you don’t mind)) I don’t know if it is allowed to leave an email address here. Well, I will try, here it is Namaste, Yana


I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to use Yoga Dham for their 200-hour teacher training. From the first email sent to the last day ordering a taxi, everything was organized and straightforward, All the staff really care and make it a rewarding experience, as a solo female woman, I felt so safe and secure in yoga Dham, it was a rewarding and challenging month, it’s amazing what you can accomplish with the right teachers who encourage you and let you find your own unique way! I hope to one day go back and do my 300hoursr. I’m grateful that my Indian experience turned out so well. Namaste


With so many yoga teacher training schools to choose from in Rishikesh, it was really difficult to make the final choice on which one to attend but I truly don’t think I could have chosen a better school than Yog Dham. I really loved every minute of my time at Yog Dham. Most of all, each member of staff and every teacher makes you feel at home.. they are so caring, knowledgeable and each have their own unique personality and I feel that I made some friends for life with both the teachers and other students I was on the course with – you really become like a little family during the month  The accommodation and location was perfect. There are balconies on either side of the rooms overlooking beautiful mountains and the location is central in Rishikesh and within 15 minutes walking distance to all the little shops, cafes and restaurants (you have to go to Honey Hut…best milkshakes and desserts ever!). That being said, the food offered at Rishikesh is so good! I’d never been a vegetarian before coming to Yog Dham but they are very creative with their dishes so being a vegetarian wasn’t boring and I felt healthy every day with all the fruit and vegetables we were eating as well as the yummy teas we had after every meal. What I think is really unique about Yog Dham is that they keep their classes to a limited amount of people in comparison to the other larger and more industrial schools, which allows them to spend more time on each individual student and to really follow your progress and develop a relationship. They make every lesson a challenge, exciting and fun and every day you feel that you’re accumulating so much new knowledge!!  I feel really lucky to have been on this journey at Yog Dham…I developed a newfound appreciation for yoga and since leaving have tried to keep practicing almost every day and hope to teach soon I miss the whole team there and wish them all the best of luck! Thank you again for this unforgettable experience! Big hug to you all


I am very grateful that I had the chance to practice yoga at Yog Dham. Not only did I learn so much about yogic practices and lifestyle but I also developed some warm relationship with the teachers and the other people in the course. I was feeling at home at Yog Dham and I would love to come back again for more yoga or just to stay and chill in the nice atmosphere they have created there. For me, the best thing about their yoga program is that they only take about 10 students so every student gets a lot of attention and corrections and whenever you have questions you can always get advice from the teachers. I never thought that I would feel like an “upcoming” yoga teacher after just a month but Sattu and Arvind really did a great job preparing us to teach other people. They are patient, encouraging and firm at the same time. I really improved a lot especially considering alignment in the postures. Thanks also to Kelly and Guruji for their bright and positive energy and teachings. And a million thanks to Amit for his lovely food. I would recommend this place to everyone who is looking for a full yoga experience. Thank you.


Here is a little story…Last summer, working in my stressful Architecture job, I decided to leave and that I was going to change my life path. I found Yoga. I wanted to become a yoga teacher and I wanted to do it in India. Through a friend of a friend, I found a course in Goa with a man who did not have a website and took 3 days to respond to my email. I was promised and ensured that this was going to be the best experience of my life. Wrong! I arrived in Goa late at night and started my training the next morning with this ‘yogi’. After 4 days in this course I ended up hopping on a plane to Yog Dham as fast as my Canadian legs could take me and let me tell you, this was the smartest intuitive decision I have ever made in my life. First off, I feel completely confident to go out and teach after my 1-month teacher training. I think this is the most important thing (and all the teachers and program being the MOST amazing!). Everyone who works here and teaches here is wonderful. They are so caring, nice and very knowledgeable about what they are teaching or doing. The course content, food, accommodations, activities, people, environment… everything, I could not have asked for better. Thank you Guruji, Arvind, Sattu, Kelly, Amit, Sarvottam, Moorly, and Rakesh!!!