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Rishikesh Yog Dham

Best Yoga Certification Online USA 2023

Best Yoga Certification Online USA

Best Yoga Certification Online USA-Realizing the importance of yoga in maintaining mental and physical fitness, the whole world is now welcoming the yoga culture. Various yoga teacher training schools have been established in different countries, where various yoga certification programs are offered. It has become even easier to complete yoga certification courses as they are available online. 

If you wish to make your career in the field of yoga as a yoga teacher and are looking for the best yoga certification online in the USA, this article will be helpful for you. Here we are presenting the 7 best yoga certifications in the USA which will make a person efficient and experienced in yoga.

Best Yoga Certification Online USA

7 Best Yoga Certifications in the USA

1. 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

Yoga Renew is offering a “200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training” certification, one of the best online yoga certification courses in the USA. You will be acquainted with the vinyasa style of yoga in this course through a variety of yoga training videos and zoom meetings. 

By joining this program, you will also learn the philosophy of yoga. The ancient yoga writings Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and others are covered in the course. Following this, you will learn the Patanjali yoga sutras.

The following section of the course will cover yoga anatomy, physiology, and a variety of yoga practices, such as vinyasa, hot yoga, ashtanga, kundalini yoga, traditional yoga, six principles of yoga alignment, and more. The cost of the 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training program is $437.

2. My Vinyasa Practice

“My Vinyasa Practice” is another best yoga certification courses with a duration of 200 hours. In this program, personalized experience and in-depth learning are provided. Aftercompleting this yoga certification course, you will be qualified to become a yoga professional. This yoga certification is one of the few online yoga teacher training programs that offer yoga therapy for anxiety and certification in trauma-informed yoga. 

The “My Vinyasa Practice” yoga certification program teaches many yoga exercises, anatomy, physiology, and yoga sutras through pre-recorded lectures, written materials, MVP community, Zoom events, and other resources. The membership fee for the “My Vinyasa Practice” yoga certification is $375.

3. Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted

“Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted” is a prestigious online yoga certification program in the United States, known for its specific fascia modules. Your body’s connective tissue, called fascia, is housed in your cells and muscles. Numerous traditional yoga training subjects are covered in this certification. 

The program gives you access to a big worldwide network and community of a large number of people while concentrating on the topic. This online yoga certification program’s duration is 200 hours. Brett Larkin, a yoga instructor with sufficient expertise, conducts programs.

You can retain the yoga course materials with you permanently if you join this yoga certification program, and the yoga teacher will provide you with personal assistance. Moreover, you will have access to yoga videos, audio lectures, and video calls here. The membership fee for this yoga certification is $2,850.

4. Yoga Farm Ithaca

A 200-hour yoga certification course is offered at “Yoga Farm Ithaca”. For those newbies to yoga who wish to become yoga teachers, this is one of the best yoga programs available. Without any prior yoga knowledge and experience, you can join the “Yoga Farm Ithaca” certification. Yoga classes are provided in this course through social media, Zoom events, video calls, and other channels. 

The yoga certification program at “Yoga Farm Ithaca” helps you resolve any internal problems so that your mind and body are in complete harmony. By utilizing yoga, this program’s vision is to assist participants in becoming better versions of themselves. “Yoga Farm Ithaca” membership costs $1,499.

5. Zazyoga Mindful Movement YTT

“Zazyoga Mindful Movement YTT” is another top 200-hour yoga certification renowned for giving students greater spiritual and practical yoga experience. Many yoga sutras are taught more effectively by highly efficient teachers via Zoom meetings.

Zazyoga distinguishes itself from other yoga certifications by fostering and promoting a feeling of community. It offers ongoing online assistance while you’re training. These initiatives concentrate on creating communities using Slack, Facebook groups, and other platforms.

You will also receive one-on-one coaching from teachers to help you understand yoga practice better during the Zazyoga yoga certification course. The membership fee for this yoga certification is $1,397.

6. Siddhi Yoga 200-Hour YTT

Due to the fact that they provide some of the greatest and most genuine yoga training and practice sessions, Siddhi Yoga schools are well-known all over the world. Leading yoga instructors who go deep into the yoga teachings along the way are teaching this 200-hour yoga certification through Siddhi Yoga. 

Each instructor concentrates on a certain area of the course. You have access to a 300+ page guidebook after registering in Siddhi Yoga. Being a member of “Siddhi Yoga 200 Hour YTT”, you will be able to learn yoga asana, meditation, and yoga philosophy. $397 is required as a membership fee for this yoga certification.

7. Scott Moore Yoga YTT

All yoga professionals can learn from a reliable 20-hour online yoga certification course provider at Scott Moore Yoga. Yoga Nidra, one of the top classes, considers this certification the best. Yoga Nidra is an awareness-based practice that emphasizes yoga’s mindfulness, the essence of relaxation, discovering one’s true nature, and being aware of everything. 

You have access to more than 100 pages of yoga Nidra scripts once you purchase the course. Additionally, you will receive a wealth of useful data, links, discussion points, tools, and a yoga Nidra teaching road map. The membership fee for this yoga certification is $589.


Now, there is an opportunity to build a good career in the field of yoga.  After getting training and a diploma in yoga, numerous people are providing yoga training and are earning attractive salaries as yoga teachers. You can enter the yoga industry as well. The eligibility criteria for joining the yoga certification courses is that the age of the candidate should be 18+ years, and their educational qualification should be at least 10+2.Here is the conclusion about Best Yoga Certification Online USA.


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