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Best Mindfulness Teacher Training UK

Best Online Meditation Teacher Training

There are many great options available for the best mindfulness teacher training, whether you are interested or want to learn more about Mindfulness. These programs include those offered at the British School of Meditation and the Engaged Mindfulness Institute. These programs will teach you how Mindfulness can be integrated into your daily life.

Best Mindfulness Teacher Training

Engaged Mindfulness Institute

Engaged Mindfulness was initially established to respond to the secular mindfulness movement, a growing demand for socially-engaged spirituality, and has since evolved into a fully-fledged mindfulness teacher program.

The UK offers mindfulness-based teacher training. This is for people who wish to share their knowledge with others. This requires a deep understanding of mindfulness meditation’s theoretical foundation and practice.

The Mindfulness Training Institute offers teacher training in Mindfulness around the UK and the rest of the world. The programs offered by the Mindfulness Training Institute range from online to on-site courses. A senior teacher mentors the Institute’s teachers.

The Engaged Mindfulness Institute’s teacher-training program draws from vast knowledge. It draws on the Buddhist historical context and current neuroscience research on Mindfulness.

Monthly one-hour video or voice calls with a mentor are part of the Mindfulness Teacher Training program. This includes membership to the EMI Mindfulness Training online community of practice.

British School of Meditation

The British School of Meditation was founded by Carmel Farnan (a mindfulness teacher and psychotherapist) and offers training for mindfulness teachers in various locations throughout the UK. Farnan was a teenager when she first became interested in Mindfulness. After completing her training in psychology and psychotherapy, she became a freelance journalist. She is an award-winning writer.

Farnan is a meditation teacher as well as a psychotherapist. She was a finalist for the Medical Journalists Association Writing Awards.

The British School of Meditation offers mindfulness training in many formats. It is designed to meet the increasing demand for meditation teachers in Europe and the UK.

The course is organized as a day-by-day program with five units that each include a variety of meditation techniques. The course contains reading materials, meditation practices, exercises, and practical audio.

The course’s unique aspect is its supportive atmosphere, which welcomes everyone from all walks of life. It is a community of like-minded individuals.

Experienced trainers will teach the course. Each session includes a meditation practice and readings. A comprehensive training manual is included in the course.


These programs help people become more aware and present now and be more mindful of their thoughts and emotions. The Mindfulness in Schools Project in the United Kingdom offers teacher training. These courses count towards continuing professional development (CPD) in the UK.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most well-known methods for Mindfulness. These techniques can be used in many clinical settings and are the backbone of many MBPs programs. Mindfulness-based training is becoming more popular in the UK.

The research involved the study of the teaching experiences of eight MBPs trainee teachers. Their teaching practices were the most critical aspect of their journey.

There are many ways to teach the mind-body connection. Many mindfulness techniques can help increase awareness and overall well-being.


It is a rewarding and exciting job to become a mindfulness teacher. You will learn how to share the benefits of Mindfulness with people from all walks of life. What you will learn about yourself is also essential.

The Mindfulness in Schools Project is one of the most popular Bestmindfulness teacher training programs. The Mindfulness in Schools Project offers both teacher and student courses. These courses count towards continuing professional development (CPD) in the UK.

You can also learn the MBSR course online. You can do this online or in person. This is an affordable way to learn Mindfulness. It is a better way of learning because you can directly experience the benefits.

You will be able to learn the benefits of sitting meditation as well as how you can incorporate them into your everyday life. It is no surprise that the best course for mindfulness teachers involves in-person learning.

You must have solid skills and maintain a high level of competence as an MBPs teacher. You will also need to learn pedagogical skills and develop resources.

JOY Program

The JOY Programme mindfulness teacher training program in the UK provides the most innovative and cutting-edge approaches to teaching Mindfulness to school children. Six modules combine video, teaching, and contemplative practices.

You can access the course online at any time during the year. The course lasts 12 weeks. It teaches the fundamental elements of Mindfulness. There are breaks during weeks five through nine.

The four Pillars of joy are:

  • A vision for a life of happiness.
  • A deep understanding of core beliefs and values.
  • A commitment towards healthy boundaries.
  • Self-compassion.

These are the foundation of the JOY Programme.

The JOY Programme effectively teaches Mindfulness in the classroom by combining all these elements. The program’s five complementary components are:

  • Mindfulness of emotions.
  • Calming/compassionate imagery practices.
  • An institutional component.
  • Deepening practice.
  • Additional tools for specific school staff.

Dr. Adi Pariya Kaur, a doctor, yoga teacher, and trainer at the Shambhavananda Yoga and Karam Kriya School created the Four Pillars of Joy. She studied with Shivcharan Singh, the founder of OM Yoga.


The Breathworks method is a unique way to practice Mindfulness, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. This unique blend of Mindfulness and compassion transform people’s perceptions of stress, illness, and pain. Breathworks offers Mindfulness-based Stress Management (MBPM) and Mindfulness-based Stress Management (MBS).

The 8-week Breathworks structured course helps you deal with anxiety and stress and teaches you how to meditate and lead the mindful movement. Breathworks offers taster sessions and bespoke courses to meet a variety of needs. Breathworks Advanced Training Course is available for those interested in teaching Breathworks. It covers all aspects of the Breathworks approach.

Advanced training in Breathworks is available in both residential and non-residential settings. This training allows trainees to develop their teaching skills and deepen their mindfulness understanding. You can either take this training or join a Breathworks practice course. This is an eight-week program that Breathworks teachers facilitate.


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