There are so many benefits that one will gain from practising yoga daily, below we are sharing just 10 of these benefits and reasons why should start a regular yoga practise today.

1.Helps to reduce stress

It is scientifically proven that yoga will help you to become less stressed in our daily lives – it helps to reduce stress and in turn lower our cortisol levels through a combination of breathing intentionally whilst focusing on different asanas (poses) and meditation, we become more patient, are able to seeing situations differently and deal with them in a more level headed manner and find ourselves generally more happier in our daily lives.

2.Pain relief

Yoga is such a good practise for anyone who suffers from chronic pain or is recovering from an injury. Different poses have been proven to help treat and cure things such as back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain and many other chronic pain conditions. It also teaches us how to listen and understand our bodies, which many of us aren’t so good at doing these days – this is very important when it comes to recovery.

3.Increases immunity

As mentioned in the 1st reason, when we practise yoga daily we lowers our stress hormones that compromise the immune system! This is one of the main reasons for getting sick. It stimulates our lymphatic system which helps to release the toxins from our bodies and the controlled breathing (pranayama) that is practised in yoga helps to send oxygen to our organs – assisting them to work optimally. There are many techniques used that balance our energies and clear our airways. Practising regularly them will keep diseases at bay.

4.Improves flexibility, strength

It goes without saying that yoga improves our flexibility, but it also helps us gain a lot of muscle. Many people think that yoga is not a good workout, but this is definitely not the case! First of all, there are many different types of yoga which are fast paces and help to build strength but when Hatha and more traditional forms of yoga are practised correctly, you can get such a sweat up too – eventually finding yourself with a lot more strength then you used to have and be able to do many more asanas then you ever thought possible.

5.Improves your posture

Often our bodies are so used to sitting at desks or standing all day that certain joints and muscles become so tight – we might find ourselves hunching from our thoracic (upper back) or have such tight hips that we unable to sit with our legs crossed for longer then 30 seconds. Having a regular yoga practise allows us to really open up the channel of mind-body connection and help to bring that awareness into our daily lives. You will find yourself noticing when you aren’t sitting straight or shrugging etc. and be able to correct it. This naturally happens as you build your strength and mobility too.

6.It will get you more in touch with your spiritual side

Yoga is so much more than just asana practise, it can open us up to a whole new world and way of life! Many people who practise yoga end up finding themselves more interested in the spiritual path and yoga philosophy. It helps us to quiet the mind, go within and also helps us to work through emotional blockages that we have stored in our bodies. Through yoga we learn to quiet our monkey minds ( that constant voice that is always thinking in our minds!), be in the present moment and practise acceptance – for ourselves, our bodies and  external circumstances.

7.It will help you build your confidence

When we are practising yoga we are healthier, happier, fitter and stronger – of course this is going to boost our self-esteem and confidence! Yoga is a gateway to self exploration, self awareness and self love. When we are able to accept and love ourselves for who we are, we will radiate self-certainty, compassion and awareness. It helps us to be confident not only about our bodies and from the outside, but from the inside too, and that’s where it is most important.

8.Helps you to sleep better

Yoga helps us to calm the mind and practise acceptance so in turn you become less stressed, more calm, relaxed, at ease and are able to sleep so much better. It teaches you to quiet the mind, rather than worrying about all the things that have happened or all the things you need to do tomorrow. You come to know that there is no point in worrying about these things and will deal with them at a different time – not when laying in bed at night.  Doing meditation before bed helps with this a lot too as it is a good time for self reflection and relaxing the mind, rather than doing it as soon as your head hits the pillow.

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