200-hour residential hatha yoga teacher training at Rishikesh Yog Dham – RYS 200 – Yoga Alliance, USA

The greatest gift that yoga offers us is peace of mind and that is something difficult to achieve in this competitive world. However, principles of yoga teach us to ignore all that we perceive through the senses as mere delusions. Yoga has a higher goal and that is to seek out the truth that lies within each of us. Self-realization is the biggest truth and the greatest source of happiness.

Yoga helps us to rid ourselves of the ego which can be a big hindrance to success as self-centeredness only gets us the outward delusionary world where money, power, and self-projection are seen as a success. However, real success cannot be found in these for real success comes from self-realization which cannot be taken away by anyone. Yoga practice teaches you to find this self-realization by concentrating on the spine which energizes the entire body.

Yoga creates a balance in your outward and inward life and a balance in the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of a person. According to research, the nervous and endocrine systems in the body bring about this balance with the regular practice of yoga. This therapeutic effect of yoga brings about harmony which includes harmony in emotions leading to better and more successful relationships. The ethical principles of yamas and niyamas that yoga focuses on will also lead to peace and a more successful life both in society as well as within a family.

Yoga teaches us to grow as individuals were through our search for ourselves discover something that is unique to us. Yoga teaches us to think for ourselves and grows as individuals with broad horizons for only then will we have alternatives before us when deciding which path will lead to success.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

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